Exploring the iOS app for WordPress

This is just a quick test post to see how well the WordPress app for iPhone works. Mainly I’m interested in seeing if this would work for my clients who want to make quick updates to their blogs using their smartphone.

Adding an image here too just to see how well it works. (By the way, these are the first ribs I grilled myself. Yes, they were delish!) 🙂




Making Johnnydramaquotes.com iPhone-optimized

With the increased number and success of the iPhone, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a site of mine containing best quotes from Johnny Drama optimized for iPhones. While the original version was working well on the iPhone thanks to its awesome zooming and scrolling capabilities, the page wasn’t taking advantage of the device’s built-in UI controls, such as swiping plus the landscape and portrait orientations.

Inspired by Jin Yang’s blog post on Designing for the iPad, I decided to get to work. I’m not an iPad owner, but his blog post discusses most of the important aspects to take into consideration when optimizing web pages for Apple products. To make the project more manageable, I broke it down to the two following tasks:
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