Outrage DC

Since its launch in the spring of 2012, this website has been sold to Washington Blade and has been slightly changed from how I left it.

I developed Outrage DC website for a client in the spring of 2012. Although an off-the-shelf theme was used as the base, a lot of custom development went into this one. I really liked this project because features such as the infinite scroll (where the next set of cards is loaded with Ajax when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page) and the calendar functionality took a quite a bit of programming. Most challenging tasks were handling recurring events, events with end-times spanning to the following day to mention a few. The backend UI also required a lot of custom Ajax functionality to be able to quickly manage a large number of events.

NOTE: Outrage DC is a pretty rowdy site catering to DC’s gay community and some of the content might be NSFW.

Making Johnnydramaquotes.com iPhone-optimized

With the increased number and success of the iPhone, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a site of mine containing best quotes from Johnny Drama optimized for iPhones. While the original version was working well on the iPhone thanks to its awesome zooming and scrolling capabilities, the page wasn’t taking advantage of the device’s built-in UI controls, such as swiping plus the landscape and portrait orientations.

Inspired by Jin Yang’s blog post on Designing for the iPad, I decided to get to work. I’m not an iPad owner, but his blog post discusses most of the important aspects to take into consideration when optimizing web pages for Apple products. To make the project more manageable, I broke it down to the two following tasks:
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Broadband.gov – National Broadband Plan

The National Broadband Plan outlines the steps the Country will take to ensure sufficient broadband access for all. The online production was a massive undertaking; the team I was on took this nearly 400 page document and made it available online in just a few days. In addition to HTML production, my role was to develop the dynamic “Inside the Plan” navigation piece.


Restaurant Table 50

Table 50 is one of the best restaurants in Roanoke, VA, and I helped them get an online presence. This website is an original design built on WordPress. In addition to the website, I created their Facebook fan page and Google Local listings. The traffic to the website has increased tremendously.

Table 50 is the best Roanoke restaurant there is!