Cassidy Duhon is a Washington, DC Wedding photographer whose website needed upgrading. He found a theme which I modified to the look and feel he had in mind. This theme also supported responsive design, which automatically adapts the website to the user’s device screen size. In other words, responsive design is a “one size fits all” approach in which the page is optimized for all screen sizes. See the website in action on multiple screen sizes on Responsinator.com

Cassidy also wanted to include his portfolio, which consists of tens of photos, on the home page of the site. The easy (and wrong way) would have been to include all of the images on the page with the initial page load. This would have caused to long page load times and terrible waste of bandwidth for mobile users, for example. To resolve this problem, I used an approach called “lazy loading.” In this approach only five photos are included in the initial page load. The rest are added to the carousel as needed with a custom functionality that runs transparently in the background.

This site was launched in December 2012 and has a Page Speed Grade of 92% on GT Metrix.