is a website for moving crate rental company in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s old website was very dated and I was asked modernize their web presence to help with marketing efforts.

The new website was built using WordPress and a custom theme. In addition to web development, I did the SEO work for this website. Going from virtual nonexistence in organic search results, the site ranks now in top 5 for most relevant key terms. With more geographically specific search terms the site ranks in top 3.

Initially, the customer wanted to set up as an e-commerce website. The idea was that customers would place an ‘order’ for their rental. One of the problems with this approach are the variable delivery charges. Since each delivery and pickup has unique factors (time, distance, number of floors, elevator or stairs, etc.) it was impossible to set a price on the service during the checkout process.

After statistics began showing high cart abandon rates and poor conversion, we decided to switch the approach from an e-commerce site to a lead-generating one. The flow was simplified from a two-step checkout process to one pager, which immediately showed an increase in conversion. In addition to organic traffic, I set up an Adwords campaign to drive paid traffic to the site.

Restaurant Table 50

Table 50 is one of the best restaurants in Roanoke, VA, and I helped them get an online presence. This website is an original design built on WordPress. In addition to the website, I created their Facebook fan page and Google Local listings. The traffic to the website has increased tremendously.

Table 50 is the best Roanoke restaurant there is!