SLAM Store Finland

SLAM Store Finland are boutiques that exclusively sell Italian SLAM clothing. The brand landed in Finland in 2010 through a network of retailers. In March of 2012 the brand’s first own store opened in Turku with two other stores to follow soon. I worked with the importer to define the requirements for the website, and develop and launch it. The site’s design closely follows that of the parent brand to stress the fact that SLAM Stores are official retailers of the brand in Finland.

The website was built on WordPress to ensure easy extensibility. Currently, the website pulls in the stores’ Facebook wall posts. In the future, the site will also hold the brand online store. The “Liikkeet” (stores) section shows the locations on the map and uses a custom map marker to strengthen the branding. The stores are saved as custom posts, which allowed me to store store specific data easily. For example, each of the stores has a custom field value that shows whether the store is already opened or still in planning. This in turn dictates whether the link to the store page on the main stores page is active. If a store is open, clicking the map marker takes you to the store’s own page, if not, a popup window for the store opens.

Link: SLAM Store