Lacara Rent-a-Car

Lacara is an independent car rental company in Helsinki, Finland. This family-owned business was established in 1964 and has been operational ever since. Their strength is their new fleet of cars as well as high-quality customer service. Lacara is endorsed by International Association of Hotel Concierges, les Clefs d’Or, who has granted Lacara two honorary memberships for their service.

Because their fleet consists of new, high-quality vehicles, the main point of the site was to offer the users an opportunity to see multiple pictures of each of the cars as well as their specifications. These were made very prominent on the individual car pages.

Since many of Lacara’s clients are international, the site had to be designed bilingual. This functionality was achieved through WordPress qTranslate plugin. The car specifications as well as the rental prices are saved in the database in WordPress post custom fields. Using custom fields vs. plain text allowed me to easily create the multilingual specifications and prices list. I used language detection to determine which language to use for each label. These text strings are fetched from compiled .MO language files.

This site also utilizes a custom plugin called “Lacara Manager,” which allows the business to easily maintain the pricing information as well as update the specials page.  The plugin adds a dashboard widget that shows all relevant links on the home page of the admin area.

Check out Lacara Helsinki car rentals here!